Here you will find my feelings about my performances, whether it is with my club or not.



My first season as a professional player remains a special memory to me. I was the more surprised as my integration to the team occurred unexpectedly. On a Friday morning, I received a call from Pascal Plancque (The second string team coach). He told me to come and pick up my stuff at “le Stadium” that day, because I was supposed to join the professional team training session. The team had played the European cup the day before, so I figured I was there to replace some of them who were having a rest. I was wrong. When Claude Puel came to announce the team who would play the next Sunday, I was among the elected players. I began to realize I was about to play my first game as a professional against Istres FC, my wife’s hometown. Everything went good during that game and I was satisfied about my performance. From that moment on, I never got out of the team. We had made a good championship and finished at the second rank. We won the right to play the Champions’ League the season after. I was starting my career at 19 years old, 6 years after having integrated the trainee center of Lille. The balance of my first professional season was good and I ended it by a U-19 European championship title. I felt proud because we went through the semi-final thanks to a goal I scored. This winning made me envious and excited about the season to come.

Season 2005/2006

One of the biggest difficulties in football is to confirm what you are expected to do. I owe a lot to Claude Puel who were very protective to me and helped me to go through by making me play regularly. As my first season everything went fast. I discovered the excitement and the Champions League requirement. The victory in the overcrowded “Stade de France” against Man U. was so special. I also had the chance to score for the first time in championship. Against Auxerre I scored a volley shot after a good pass from Mathieu Bodmer. I didn’t realize what happened when the ball cross the line. I was surprised that the goal was awarded. I also got my first red card this season. It was against Saint-Etienne during the “Coupe de France”. It is a bad memory because I got two yellow cards within 10 minutes. We end up the season at the third rank. On a personal level, I feel I have climbed few scales and the best is still to come.

Season 2006/2007

My third season balance is not as good as the previous one. I am satisfied about my performances but, despite our potential; we finish the season at the 10th rank. However, I scored my first goal at Villeneuve d’Ascqu against Bordeaux in front of all my family. It was more exciting than my first goal as a professional because we won the game by 3-0 and I scored a free-kick which is an exercise I do appreciate.As a child of the region, I could be proud. The other satisfaction I had was to get my first cap with the French National rising star. The next step would be to integrate the French national.
I also endured my first injury that season. My ankle was badly hurt which put an end to my season by mid-March. Nevertheless, I barely doubt about the future.

Season 2007/2008

Patrick Kluivert went to play in Lille that season. I was impressed to be next to such a superstar I watched winning the Champions League on TV when I was a kid. He put his stamp on his time. Being able to see him at training was very helpful. Beyond the player, he is a really nice person who was always giving pieces of advice.
I scored many goals that season including my first double against Caen. Although we had a bad start so much that we were at the bottom of the ranking. But we worked hard to finish at the 7th rank. Rio Mavubas’s arrival and the beginning of Eden Hazard really helped the team. We knew we had now some good perspective about the future.

Season 2008/2009

Rudy Garcia was Claude Puel’s substitute after his leaving to Lyon. It was probably the worst season I have ever made as a professional player. Indeed, I had many hopes that year. I wanted to leave Lille and to join Bordeaux but it didn’t happen. I was really disappointed and as a consequence, I didn’t play that well. As the time elapsed, I can say now that, a bit of difficulty was really useful to me. To me going through tough times is necessary in order to get better. Then I put aside my regrets, and got back to work. We finished the season at the 5th rank and I was able to have new ambitions for the future.

Season 2009/2010

The 2009-2010 season beginning was a copy-paste of the previous one. We had a bad start. Some other clubs wanted inquiries about me, but nothing happened. Fortunately, I manage to deal with this situation better than the past season. On the pitch, we made up for the lost time by playing an offensive and fast football. Still, that season was a tough one. We didn’t qualify for the Champions League whereas it was an objective. Our last match against Lorient still remains a bad memory. I missed a penalty kick which could have led us to the Champions League. Sometimes in football you can work really hard for nothing. So I kept learning about excellence. That failure would help us in the future. We made a lesson out of it.
By the summer I received my first convoking in the French National. I went through many feelings when I knew. I was proud and stressed. I was wondering whether I had the international level or not, if I deserved to be there. At first I didn’t know I would play the game. Then the physical assistant asked me to warm up and Laurent Blanc offered me my first cap. Even if we lost that game, I felt relieved. This first cap would be the promise for me to do my best to come back. It had me to rise my level.

Season 2010/2011

The 2010/2011 season is by far the most accomplished I have ever done in Lille whether we talk about my performances or not. From the beginning, we were ready. We had the chance to benefit from the work we made the season before. Indeed, we won many games until the mid-winter break and we end up the first part of the season at the first rank. We knew we were able to remain at that rank. We made a good game against Marseille our principal opponent. This game gave us confidence for the rest of the season. Few weeks later, we have to play the “Coupe de France” final against Paris. It is the first big match of my career, I am pretty good and we win the cup. One week later, we win the championship in Paris more than 50 years after the last one. You can’t forget such a moment in a career. We like to say Mavuba, Hazard, Chedjou and I that we are now a part of the history of the club. We achieved something unbelievable for the club, the region. I am proud as Debuchy and Dumont can be, to have won the championship with Lille, my hometown.
I still remember my last game in Lille. I had already said that I was leaving after that game. It wasn’t that easy to leave, because I had collected many great memories with my teammates. Supporters knew I was about to leave because they were so close and nice to me especially when I made my lap of honour. It was really touching.

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