As I already said, I have many other hobbies. I am very fond of movies and music. I like thrillers, comedies, true stories. For example, I really liked “Intouchables” and “Les petits mouchoirs”. I am open minded about the different kind of movies as I can be about music. For instance, at my first cap with the French national, I sang a Christophe Maé’s song “Jeune Demoiselle”.

Favorites sports

In sports, I also like Basketball especially the NBA and I always meet the occasion to watch it. I also happen to watch Tennis on my TV screen.


I enjoy my free time by thinking about how I can decorate my home. My wife and I both like dedicating time to this activity. To me, it’s a kind of art.


Speaking of art, I like having my skin tattooed. I had already 5 tattoos made. It hurts sometimes but I like the idea of telling stories throughout my experiences of life. However; I still have a long way to go so I can reach Mathieu Debuchy’s “addiction” to tattoos. It’s a topic we often discuss about.


I am a quiet person. The only persons I need to feel comfortable are my friends and family. I am not a party animal. I’d rather be at home than being in a club. However, I can enjoy a drink sometimes. My quiet side comes from my origins. My grandma is Vietnamese and I developed a deep bond with her culture. I have a special attachment towards Tibetan culture. I love the way of living attached to that philosophy. I read many books about that topic.

As a consequence I can get mad when I experience injustice on the field. This is something I cannot stand. Fortunately, it does not happen that frequently. I can say I am respectful most of the time and even more, I am not necessarily a teasing person. I sometimes feel uncomfortable when a new French National team player has to sing in front of everyone. I have been there before and know how it feels. However, I am not that introvert and I happen to tease to laugh and to joke with my teammates.
Just this once will not hurt; I am going to talk about football. As far as I remember, my family and I have always been into football. My grandfather, my little brother, uncles, cousins are or used to be football players. It’s a kind of religion to us. My first memories date back when I was five years old. My father was about to become a professional player. Unfortunately, a serious injury had him to stop while he was a trainee in the RC Lens trainee center. As a result, he became Coach in Tourcoing where I was born. Now I can tell I had been contaminated by my father. I started following him every Sunday and I used to imitate the players. Besides; I began to play in this club. Few years later, I joined the trainee center of Lille thanks to the stadium speakrine’s husband Mr Roquette. Then, everything got faster and faster until I became professional. What’s left until today is history.
From primary until secondary school, I was a good pupil and I can say, I was taking good care of myself. However, things turned a bit more difficult when I joined the trainee center. Indeed, I tended to talk a lot with my friends. We were always having discussion about football. However I made it through up to the Baccalauréat (“A-levels” equivalent). Education is a really important topic to me. My parents gave me a good one built around some values such as respect, politeness. My wife and I are trying our best to pass those values to our daughter. She is testing us constantly. So I try to let her know when she’s doing good or bad. I may be a protective father but I know when to be strict.
I’d rather start by my faults so I can put the best part at the end of the chapter. I have to admit that I am a sensible person I sometimes can get on my high horses, but be sure I remain quiet most of the time. I sometimes have my head in the clouds. I happen to forget simple things. Nevertheless, I am focused on what is the most important.
As for my qualities, I would say that I am generous. I like to please my siblings by offering presents. As a quiet person I can get on with anyone.

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