Yohan according to...

Mathieu Debuchy (Lille player)

He is a good player, an international class player. We met at the trainee center of Lille and he already had a huge potential. His best quality, I would say his kindness. He is level-headed and remains simple. We are on the phone twice a months and we had lunch few weeks ago. I am planning to come and see him play in England soon enough. We share a passion for tattoos and we often discuss about the next one. Besides, we both have a tattoo representing a rosary.
I am proud to get the chance to play in the French national team with him. It felt special because we have the same route since the beginning of our career.
When he left Lille, I was happy and sad at the same time. I knew we wouldn’t be able to see each other every day but It was a good thing for him to join a good team abroad. I am not surprised about his adaptation to the premiership. Yohan’s game can match with any kind of football. If he would have been to Spain, no doubt he would have as comfortable as he can be in Newcastle. He is now proving that he can evolve at a very high level. I am sure that within the next two years, he will join one of the best European club.

Eden Hazard (Lille player)

First of all, Yohan is a friend. I know him since I have been integrated in the professional team. He was very helpful to me when I first arrived. I was only 16 years old and it may be tough to find your place. At that time, Yohan was close to Kevin Mirallas another Belgian player, and eventually, I got closer to them. He took me under his wing and when Kevin Mirallas left Lille; I took the sit next to his in the changing room. He has always been an example to me. Indeed, I watched him on my TV screen during the Champions’ League. Automatically, I was envious of him and wanted to put myself in his shoes especially because he is a product of the trainee center.
To me, he is a Xavi but less talented (laugh). He is above the average regarding his passes and in the way he sees the game.

My best memory with him is the past season. We won the championship and the “Coupe de France”. By that time we said that it was something special we were lucky enough to share. Here is one specific memory with Yo. Before my first game as a professional player, I was sharing my bedroom with Lichtsteiner. Yo and Kevin Mirallas were sharing another one. So, I decided to visit them and I would come back later to my room. Eventually I stayed and spend the night between them. We made one bed out of the two we had. I didn’t sleep that well, and I woke up with pain in my back. Fortunately, I didn’t play the day after. One other memory was the friendly match between France and Belgium. During the match, I only got hit once… By Yo! He stepped on my foot so hard that I still have a mark today. I couldn’t sleep the night after the game.

My personal message to Yo: The 2012 European Championship is coming. I hope he will be a part of it. Actually, I am not worried about that, I am sure he will. May he enjoy because it’s a big chance to participate to such a monumental event. In any case I wish him to keep performing as he does at the moment.

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