Yohan according to... his siblings


We met at Club Méd in 2008. He was on holidays while I was a seasonal worker at that time. At first he was supposed to stay a fortnight before to leave somewhere else. How big was my surprise to see him back a week after he left. I didn’t know he was a football player. By the end of my contract he would come and see me each time he could. Eventually, he asked me to join him to Lille. Yohan is generous and a nice person. I have no influence regarding decisions he makes about his career. It’s not my part to interfere. I try to stay as objective as I can when it’s about judging his performances, but I aim at being a support for him.
Throughout his career, the double coupe de France (FA cup equivalent) - Championnat de Ligue 1 in 2011 is the strongest memory I have. Whereas he had just won the “Coupe de France”, I noticed that Yohan wasn’t completely relieved. I knew he was focused on the championship which represented his ultimate ambition. The deliverance finally came one week later. I felt so happy for him. He truly deserved what he had been working for. I am really proud of Yohan’s evolution because he is a hard worker. He is always soul-searching and focused on getting better and better.

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