MOOD OF THE 18 June 2012

A tremendous joy!

Hi everybody! What can I tell about scoring? It’s always emotional and that emotion become particular and stronger when you score for your country. It felt all the more emotional as the game had been interrupted due to poor weather conditions at the beginning.

By scoring, I was filled with joy, pride and a great relief: I am now able to score at the international level so I can get more confidence for the games to come. Right after my goal, I first thought about my daughter and my family. I was pleased for them. That was an important goal right after Ménez’s (Jéremy) one. This success is precious because it puts an end to our 9- match unsuccessful sequence in an international competition. Plus, we can now break through the first stage of the competition to the second one. The little injury I got from that game is completely forgotten and I can tell I will be ready for the next game against Sweden. We need a victory in order to avoid Spain.

I am also very anxious to pay a tribute to Thierry Roland (a famous French sports commentator). He was an important character of the French sport spectrum and I felt sad earing the bad news. Personally, I grew up listening to his comments and his unforgettable laugh. To me, he remains one of the best, maybe the greatest French commentator. At the same time, I would like to say hello to Abidal who had planned to come and visit us for a while. Unfortunately, he couldn’t make it. We might see him if we qualify for the next stage.

Finally, I would like to have a special thought to Alain Soultanian (former French’s squad physiotherapist) who had a coronary thrombosis before the competition. He was to take the trip to Ukraine as part of the group. May they both recover soon. As for you, meet me next Tuesday against Sweden!

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